Snowbird, Utah, April 10-13, 2001


TUESDAY April 10th
4:00 Registration - outside Ballroom 1
5:30 Dinner - Golden Cliff
7:00 Oral Session 1 - Ballroom 1
* 7:00 M. Hasselmo (Boston University)
Modeling the role of the hippocampus in goal-directed spatial navigation.
0:40 Michael Kearns Michael Littman Satinder Singh (AT&T Labs)
Graphical Models for Game Theory
8:20 John Lafferty, Andrew McCallum, Fernando Pereira (Whizbang! Labs, CMU, U. Penn.)
Conditional Random Fields: Probabilistic Models for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data
8:40 Simon Tong, Daphne Koller (Stanford)
Active Learning for Structure in Bayesian Networks
9:00 Leslie Pack Kaelbling (MIT AI Lab)
The Role of Deictic Representation in Learning

WEDNESDAY April 11th
7:00 Breakfast - Golden Cliff
8:00 Oral Session 1 - Ballroom 1
* 8:00 Martin A. Nowak (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
Evolution of language
8:40 Yoshua Bengio, Pascal Vincent, Florence d'Alche­Buc (U. Montreal and U. P. and M. Curie, Paris)
Learning a Distributed Representation for Statistical Language Modeling and Information Retrieval
9:00 Petros Faloutsos, Michiel van de Panne, and Demetri Terzopoulos (U. Toronto)
Learning Controller Preconditions for Physics-Based Character Animation
9:20 Break
* 9:40 Jon Kleinberg
Decentralized Network Algorithms: Small­World Phenomena and the Dynamics of Information
10:20 Eugene Agichtein, Steve Lawrence (U. Columbia, NEC)
Learning to Find Answers to Questions
10:40 Ben Taskar, Eran Segal, Daphne Koller (Stanford)
Probabilistic Clustering and Transduction in Relational Data
11:00 Gary William Flake, Kostas Tsioutsiouliklis, Steve Lawrence (NEC and Princeton)
Minimum Cut Clustering
11:20Lunch - Golden Cliff
5:30Dinner - Golden Cliff
7:00 Poster Session A
8:00 Poster Session B

THURSDAY April 12th
7:00 Breakfast - Golden Cliff
8:00 Oral Session 1 - Ballroom 1
* 8:00 Daniel M. Wolpert (University College, London)
Computational human sensorimotor control
8:40 Sebastian Thrun, Yufeng Liu, Rosemary Emery, and Deepayan Chakrabarti (CMU)
Learning 3D Environment Models with Mobile Robots
9:00 Ronan Collobert, Samy Bengio, Yoshua Bengio (IDIAP, Universite de Montreal)
A Parallel Mixture of SVMs for Very Large Scale Problems
9:20 Break
* 9:40 Hugh Durrant-Whyte, Eduardo Nebot, Gamini Dissanayake (U. Sydney)
Autonomous Localisation and Map building in Large-Scale Unstructured Environments
10:20 Mikio L. Braun, Joachim Buhmann (Institute for Computer Science, Bonn)
On Approximate Optimization and Robustness
10:40 Wenxin Jiang (Northwestern University)
Boosting for Regression and Classification: Some Views from Analogy
11:00 Lawrence K. Saul (AT&T Labs), and Sam T. Roweis (Gatsby Unit, UCL)
Unsupervised learning of nonlinear manifolds
11:20Lunch - Golden Cliff
5:30Dinner - Golden Cliff
7:00 Poster Session C
8:00 Poster Session D

FRIDAY April 13th
7:00 Breakfast - Golden Cliff
8:00 Oral Session 1 - Ballroom 1
* 8:00 Gary Blasdel, Niall P. McLaughlin (Harvard)
Interactions Between Retinotopy, Ocular Dominance, and Orientation in Monkey V1
8:40 A. Angelucci, J.B. Levitt, J.M. Hupe, E.J.S Walton, J. Bullier, J.S. Lund (University of Utah)
Anatomical Circuits for Local and Global Integration of Visual Information: Intrinsic and Feedback Connections in Macaque Visual Cortical Area V1
9:00 Peter Stone and Richard Sutton (AT&T Labs)
Scaling Reinforcement Learning toward RoboCup Soccer
9:20 Break
* 9:40 Jean Ponce (U. Illinois)
Issues in 3D object recognition
10:20 Cordelia Schmid (INRIA/GRAVIR-CNRS Montbonnot)
Automatic construction of visual models
10:40 Paul Viola and Michael Jones (Compaq)
Real­time Face Detection using AdaBoost, Feature Selection and the Integral Image
11:00 Tony Jebara, Alex Pentland (MIT Media Lab)
Latent Discriminative Learning
11:20Lunch - Golden Cliff
5:30Banquet - Golden Cliff
7:30 Oral Session 1 - Ballroom 1
7:30 Stefanos Damianakis, Dan Gindikin, Kirk Kanzelberger, and Peter N. Yianilos (LikeIt)
The LikeIt Inexact String Retrieval System
7:50 Eric Cosatto and Hans-Peter Graf (AT&T Labs)
Synthetic Talking Heads with Sample-Based Graphics
8:10 Break
8:30 Michael Kearns, Charles Isbell, Satinder Singh, Diane Litman, Jessica Howe (AT&T Labs)
CobotDS: A Spoken Dialogue System for Chat
8:50 Deb Roy (MIT Media Laboratory)
Language Learning from Sensory-Motor Experience
9:10 Yann LeCun and Jeffery Triggs (AT&T Labs ­ Research)
The NIPS Online Project
Closing Remarks
9:20 Adjourn