Learning@Snowbird Workshop

Snowbird, Utah, April 1-4, 2003


Poster Session A, Wednesday April 2nd, 7:00

R. Dubois (ESPCI), B. Quenet (ESPCI), Y. Faisandier (Ela Medical), G. Dreyfus (ESPCI)
Modeling beats with bumps
Tanzeem Choudhury and Alex Pentland
The Sociometer: A Wearable Device for Learning Human Networks
Fu Jie Huang, Leon Bottou, Yann LeCun
Lush: The Programming Language for Research
Nando de Freitas, Asher Lipson and Eric Brochu (University of British Columbia)
Learning Human-Like Play in Computer Games
G. Lanckriet, L. El Ghaoui, M. Jordan
Second-Order Cone Programming for Feature Selection in SVMs
R. Caruana (Cornell), C. Chiu (Cornell), G. Crew (Cornell), K. Kawaguchi (Cornell), A. Ksikes (Cornell), A. Niculescu (Cornell)
Extreme Selection Ensembles
Andrew McCallum (UMass), and Fang-Fang Feng (UMass)
Chinese Word Segmentation with Conditional Random Fields and Integrated Domain Knowledge
Sumit Basu (Microsoft Research)
Learning Variations in Conversational Patterns
Bar-Joseph, Z. (MIT)
Optimal Leaf Ordering for Gene Expression and Image Compression
S. Still and W. Bialek
How many clusters? An information theoretic approach
N. Vasconcelos (HP/UCSD)
Information-theoretic feature selection: classification optimality, connections to image statistics, and efficient algorithms
B. Kim (CBCL, MIT), Y. Ivanov (Honda Research Institute; CBCL, MIT), T. Poggio (CBCL, MIT)
Classifier Combination for Sequence Analysis
H. Steck and T. S. Jaakkola (MIT AI Lab)
(Semi-)Predictive Discretization during Model Selection
S.Roweis, Q. Morris, C. Pal, B. Frey (U. Toronto)
Probabilistic Block Clustering
Volker Tresp and Anton Schwaighofer (Siemens)
Decomposable Cluster Analysis
G. Grudic (University of Colorado at Boulder), and T. Strohmann (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Minimax Probability Machine Regression
S. Zelikovitz(CUNY) and H. Hirsh (Rutgers)
Integrating Background Knowledge with Text Classifiers
S. Agarwal (Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), and D. Roth (Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Minimum Risk Feature Transformations
V. Roth (U. Bonn), T. Lange (U. Bonn)
Bayesian Relevance Determination for Feature Selection in Clustering Problems
Frank Dellaert, Zia Khan and Tucker Balch (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Mixture Trees for Density Estimation and Fast Conditional Sampling
Ben-David, S., (Cornell), Gehrke, J., (Cornell) and Schuller, R., (Cornell)
A Statistical Learning Approach to Data Mining Issues
Y. Bengio (U. de Montréal) Y. Grandvalet (U. de Montréal/CNRS)
Estimators of variance for K-fold Cross-Validation
Sofus A. Macskassy (Leonard N. Stern School of Business, NYU), Haym Hirsh (Rutgers University)
Adding Numbers to Text Classification
D. McAllester (TTI Chicago)
Simplified PAC-Bayesian Margin Bounds

Poster Session B, Thursday April 3nd, 7:00

C. Raphael (Univ. of Massachusetts)
Computer-Generated Orchestral Accompaniment of a Soloist
Oliver Downs (Princeton University)
Quantum Mechanics for Global Optimization
C. Antunes (INESC-ID / IST ) and Arlindo L. Oliveira (INESC-ID / IST)
Efficient Algorithms for Sequential Pattern Mining with Maximum Gap Constraints
Kevin Murphy,
Place recognition using a wearable camera
P. Vincent (Montreal) and Y. Bengio (Montreal)
Density-Sensitive Metrics and Kernels
Vicente López (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) F.B. Rodríguez, A. Suárez (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Mesoscopic Stability of Cluster Dynamics in Populations of Integrate and Fire Neurons
G. Towell, J. Saponara, J. O'Ruanaidh, F. Coetzee (all Genuone Inc.)
Finding Internet Piracy
Joel Castellanos (U. New Mexico), Curtis Sirl-Moore (U. of New Mexio), and Lance R. Williams (U. New Mexico)
Automatic Synthesis of Isotropic Textures on Subdivision Surfaces from Sample Images
O. Chapelle, J. Weston and B. Schoelkopf (MPI)
Two Directions for Semi-Supervised Learning
Dragos Margineantu (Boeing)
Active Cost-Sensitive Learning
Mark J. Embrechts/Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Least Squares Support Vector Machines for Molecular Design:Feature Selection and Regularization
J. Wu(Georgia Tech), J. Rehg (Georgia Tech), and M. Mullin (Georgia Tech)
Simultaneous feature selection and ensemble classifier design
A. Banerjee (UT Austin), and J. Ghosh (UT Austin)
Mean Model Clustering
Valery A. Petrushin, Gang Wei, Anatole V. Gershman (all at Accenture Technology Labs)
Community of Multimedia Agents: First Steps
J. Langford (IBM)
Interactive Proofs of Learning
L.Gurvits (LANL)
Reproducing kernels , fast randomized interpolations (smoothing ) of analytic multivariable
Frans M. Coetzee (GenuOne, Inc.)
When the Kullback-Leibler Distance Yields Suboptimal Features
Adrian Silvescu and Vasant Honavar, Iowa State University
Ontology elicitation: Structural Abstraction = Structuring + Abstraction + Multiple Ontologies
S. Cohen (Tel-Aviv U), and N. Intrator (Tel-Aviv and Brown U)
Construction of a hybrid projection/radial architecture
C.Alippi (Politecnico di Milano)
Valery A. Petrushin (Accenture Technology Labs)
Speech Signal Segmentation into Quasi-periodical Units
Dr.Robert Kozma,(University of memphis) Asha Kalidindi(University of memphis)
B. Kappen, K. Albers, T. Heskes, W. Wiegerinck (U Nijmegen)
The Cluster Variation Method for approximate inference
Vijay Konda (U. Maryland), and John N. Tsitsiklis (MIT)
Actor-Critic Algorithms and Variance Reduction in Reinforcement Learning