Snowbird, Utah, April 2-5, 2002


TUESDAY April 2nd
4:00 Registration - outside Ballroom 1
5:30 Dinner - Golden Cliff
7:00 Oral Session 1 - Ballroom 1
* 7:00 Eric Brill (Microsoft)
Automatic Question-Answering - Letting the Data do All the Work
7:40 Jonathan S. Yedidia (Mistubishi Electric Research Lab )
The Region Graph Method
8:20 Martin Wainwright, Tommi Jaakkola, Alan Willsky(MIT)
A new class of upper bounds on the log partition function based on convex combinations in the exponential domain
8:40 Oliver B. Downs, Hagai Attias (Microsoft Research )
The Tunnelling Salesman: Truncated Variational Approximations for Quantum Mechanical Global Optimisation
9:00 Corinna Cortes, Daryl Pregibon, and Chris Volinsky (AT&T Shannon Research Labs )
Constructing and Maintaining Signatures in Large Transactional Data Streams

7:00 Breakfast - Golden Cliff
8:00 Oral Session 1 - Ballroom 1
* 8:00 James M. Robins (Harvard School of Public Health)
Estimation of Optimal Treatment Strategies
8:40 Pierre Baldi and Gianluca Pollastri (UC Irvine)
Generalized IOHMMs and Recurrent Network Architectures
9:00 Eran Segal, Yoseph Barash, Itamar Simon, Nir Friedman, Daphne Koller (Stanford, Hebrew University)
From Promoter Sequence to Expression: A Probabilistic Framework
9:20 Break
* 9:40 Richard Durbin (Sanger Institute)
Finding genes in the human genome sequence
10:20 Mehmet Serkan Apaydin, Carlos Guestrin, David Hsu, Chris Varma, Douglas L. Brutlag(Stanford, University of North Carolina)
Stochastic Roadmap Simulation: An Efficient Representation and Algorithm for Analyzing Molecular Motion
10:40 Kristin Bennett, Jinbo Bi, Curt M. Breneman, Mark J. Embrechts, and Minghu Song(Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Model mining to support prediction of molecule activities
11:00 Simon Kasif and Vladimir Pavlovic (Boston University)
Learning Genomic Evolution
11:20Lunch - Golden Cliff
5:30Dinner - Golden Cliff
7:00-9:30 Poster Session A

THURSDAY April 4th
7:00 Breakfast - Golden Cliff
8:00 Oral Session 1 - Ballroom 1
* 8:00 Moshe Tennenholtz (Technion)
Efficient reinforcement learning in hostile environments
8:40 Brendan J. Frey, Nebojsa Jojic (University of Toronto, Microsoft)
Inferring What's Behind the Scene
9:00 Tai Sing Lee (CMU)
Dynamics and Plasticity of Processing in the Early Visual Cortex
9:20 Break
* 9:40 Dan Ellis (Columbia University)
Auditory Scene Analysis: Computational models of sound organization
10:20 Hagai Attias and Li Deng (Microsoft Research USA )
A New Approach to Speech Enhancement Microphone Array using a Dynamic Bayesian
10:40 Lawrence K. Saul, Daniel Lee, Yann LeCun(University of Pennsylvania, NEC Research Institute)
Real time voice processing with audiovisual feedback
11:00 Christopher J.C. Burges, John C. Platt, Soumya Jana(Microsoft)
Distortion Discriminant Analysis for Audio Fingerprinting
11:20Lunch - Golden Cliff
5:30Dinner - Golden Cliff
7:00-9:30 Poster Session B

FRIDAY April 5th
7:00 Breakfast - Golden Cliff
8:00 Oral Session 1 - Ballroom 1
8:00 Gert R.G. Lanckriet, Nello Cristianini, Peter Bartlett, Laurent El Ghaoui and Michael Jordan (UC Berkeley)
Learning the Kernel Matrix with Semi-Definite Programming
8:20 Thomas Hofmann, Stuart Andrews, Ioannis Tsochantaridis (Brown University )
Multiple Instance Learning with Generalized Support Vector Machines
8:40 Risi Imre Kondor and John Lafferty (Carnegie Mellon University )
Diffusion Kernels
9:00 Ashutosh Garg, Sariel Har-Peled, Dan Roth (University of Illinois, Urbana)
On Generalization Bounds Projection Profile and Margin Distribution
9:20 Break
* 9:40 Oren Etzioni (University of Washington)
Crossing the Chasm in Machine Learning: moving from function approximation to complete learning systems
10:20 Sepp Hochreiter and Klaus Obermayer (TU Berlin)
Classification of Pairwise Proximity Data with Support Vectors
10:40 Christopher Raphael (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
MAP Estimation in Hybrid Graphical Models with an Application to Musical Rhythm Recognition
11:00 Nathan Intrator, Nicola Neretti, Jim Simmons (Brown University )
Modeling the Bat's echolocation system
11:20Lunch - Golden Cliff
5:30Banquet - Golden Cliff
7:30 Oral Session 1 - Ballroom 1
* 7:30 Thomas Vetter (University of Freiburg)
Learning the appearance of faces: A Morphable Face Model for the analysis and the synthesis of images.
8:10 Break
* 8:30 Dan Koditschek (University of Michigan)
Better Work: Saying What to Learn and Learning What to Say to Your Legs
9:10 Closing Remarks (Yann LeCun)
9:15 Adjourn