Pictures from the Learning at Snowbird Workshop, April 2001

Martin Nowak
Martin Nowak (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton) "Evolution of language"
Yoshua Bengio (U. Montreal)
Demetri Terzopoulos (U. Toronto)
Jon Kleinberg (Cornell) "Decentralized Network Algorithms: Small­World Phenomena and the Dynamics of Information"
Eugene Agichtein (Columbia U.)
Ben Taskar (Stanford)
Gary Flake (NEC)
Daniel M. Wolpert (University College, London) "Computational human sensorimotor control"
Sebastian Thrun (CMU)
Ronan Collobert (IDIAP)
Hugh Durrant-Whyte (U. Sydney) "Autonomous Localisation and Map building in Large-Scale Unstructured Environments"
Hugh Durrant-Whyte
Joachim Buhmann (U. Bonn)
Yann LeCun (AT&T Labs)
Wenxin Jiang (Northwestern University)
Lawrence Saul (AT&T Labs)
Lawrence Saul
David Cohn (CMU)
Leslie Pack-Kaelbling (MIT), Sam Roweis (Toronto), Lawrence Saul (AT&T), David Heckerman (Microsoft)
Fernando Pereira, Rich Sutton
Andy McCallum
Daphne Koller
Leslie Pack-Kaelbling
Gary Blasdel (Harvard) Interactions Between Retinotopy, Ocular Dominance, and Orientation in Monkey V1
Gary Blasdel
J.S. Lund (University of Utah)
Peter Stone (AT&T Labs)
Cordelia Schmid (INRIA/CNRS, Grenoble)
Paul Viola (Compaq)
Tony Jebara (MIT Media Lab)
Leslie Pack-Kealbling (MIT)
Jean Ponce (U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign) Issues in 3D object recognition
Banquet: Rich Sutton, Charles Isbell, Sam Roweis, David Cohn
Gary Blasdel
young participants
young participants
Peter Yanilos, Tony Jebara, Deb Roy
Rich Sutton, Charles Isbell, Sam Roweis, David Cohn
Fernando Pereira, Joachim Buhman, C Lee Giles, Bert Kappen
Joachim Buhman, C Lee Giles
The inevitable French-speaking, wine-drinking table: Luc Vincent, Holger Schwenk, Yoshua Bengio, Leon Bottou, Samy Bengio, Patrick Haffner
Leon Bottou, Patrick Haffner, Jean Ponce, Cordelia Schmid
Sam Roweis, David Cohn
Charles Isbell, Sam Roweis
Lawrence Saul, Eric Baum
Eric Cosatto (AT&T Labs)
Eric Cosatto
Charles Isbell (AT&T Labs)
Charles Isbell
Deb Roy (MIT Media Laboratory)
Deb Roy
Leon Bottou, Jean Ponce
Ze French Mafia: Yoshua Bengio, Tony Jebara (hidden), Samy Bengio, Ronan Collobert, Patrick Haffner, Pascal Vincent, Cordelia Schmid (sitting)
The Locally Linear Embedders: Lawrence Saul and Sam Roweis
Charles Isbell and Rich Sutton (front), Lawrence Saul, Sam Roweis, Fernando Pereira (standing)

Pictures by Yann LeCun